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Lesson Teaching Sequence

Teacher's Objective for the Lesson
What will I have students learn and what activity will I have students do that will serve as "proof" that they learned?
What question or activity have I planned to begin the lesson and will help the students focus on the lesson?
Tell the Objective
How have I planned to tell the students the objective(s) of the lesson?
How have I planned to have students know the importance of their learning this objective?
Input / Strategy
What information will students need to get in this lesson that is necessary to their achievement of the lesson objective?  What strategy (i.e. Direct Teaching Discovery, Cooperative Learning, etc.) will I use to deliver the information?
Model / Example
Which parts of the information will need examples or need to be modeled?  (How will I do this and what are they?)
Check for Understanding
What questions will I ask to determine if students understand the information and/or examples and/or any modeling?
Guided Practice
What practice have I planned for the students?
How will I have my students summarize periodically in order to check their perceptions of the learning?


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